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Main Features

Automatic Flow

Flexible and Automatic Procurement Workflow

Accountability Process

Accountable & Detail
Capture Process

Secure Processing

Mature Security

Save Cost Competitive Price

Get More Competitive Price
Via Bidding

Reduce Cycle Times

Change All Process From
Manual to Digital Paperwork

e-Catalog for Saving & Control

Internal Search Engine Feature
For Goods and Service

Benefit of Implementating
eProcurement Indonesia

Getting Suppliers Come to You

Online Registration for Potential Suppliers or Vendors Online Standarized Supplier Registration & Legal Submission Online Activation and Verification Supplier or Vendor Registration

Keep The Best Suppliers on The Side

Transparent & Clear Schedule Tender Process Automatic Notification for Supplier Expiration Documents & All Procurement Activities Better Relationship With Supplier

Procurement Go With Automatic Flow

Flexible & Automatic Procurement Workflow Shortlisted Qualified Supplier or Vendor Easy to Find Goods, Services by Suppliers or Vendor e-Bidding, e-Evaluation, & e-Catalog.

Accountability, Comply & Secure Process

Accountable & Details Capture Process Mature Security Technology Auditable History Log in Every Process.

Avoid Penalty Fees Because of Late Payment

Utilizing e-Catalog for Integrated Savings & Control Procurement, Good Receive & Finance Efficient System in Payment Process & Payment Reminder Ability to Manage Contracts More Efficiently.

Using e-Bidding to Drive Price Down

Direct Transaction (Direct Offering), Auto Rank Setup (Based on Lowest or Highest), Countdown Timer (Time to Finish Bidding Information), Automatic Close Bidding (Automatic Close & Go To The Next Step).

Grab Qualified Potential Suppliers

Qualified Suppliers (Based on Commodity & Business Fields) Complete Legal Documents & Financial Documents Experiences & Expert Suppliers or Vendor

Paperless Document Management

All Process Will Be Paperless Efficiency in Digital Paperwork

High Value of e-Evaluation

Online & Transparent Evaluation Easy for Doing Comparison Flexible Matrix Evaluation Criteria Auto Rank Related Evaluation Result.

Saving Cost with Grab Competitive Price

Able to Invite More Than 10 Suppliers to Online Bidding Quick Bidding Process Get More Competitive Price via e-Bidding.

Paperless Bring Significant Saving for Organizations

"Savings up to 90% on Purchase Orders Costs have been Quoted by HP (E100-10)".

Utilizing e-Catalog for Integrated Savings & Control

Avoid Single Suppliers or Non-Competitors Supplier Internal Search Engine Feature for Goods & Services Helpful to Define Range Price / Owner Estimation (COGS).

Business Continuity Management (BCM) Made Easy

Identify Critical Supplier by Having Alternative Supplier Reduced Supply Chain Risk with Single Supplier.


Web Application

Secure from Robot


Lifetime License

Integrated with
Email & message

24/7 Access
Anywhere / Anytime

Low Bandwidth
Fast Response

Can be Adjusted
by User Needs

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